Cancerian Full Moon Rising

As the hot sun set and the full-moon rose over Longbeach Clifftop Retreat last night, guests were treated to a perfect, balmy evening to enjoy.  We also enjoyed experiencing the many fruit-bats in search of new fruits and Gumtree blossom, flying over our heads seemingly towards the large, silvery moon!

Full Moon in Cancer

View of the full Moon from our Moonrise Studio Apartment

So, what does this lunar phase mean to me? Well, it’s the first full-moon for 2014 and it feels like a positive time, in which one can begin a new chapter of life, push the ‘reset’ button so to speak and begin making ‘new’ plans. I am told by a well-known astrologist that this ‘Cancerian Moon’ addresses overall emotional wellbeing and can make us feel especially sensitive and perhaps even nostalgic for things of the past.  The Cancerian Moon (till Saturday 18th), coupled with the Sun in Capricorn points to how our home environment and family life is going and can either provide connection, or confliction with our work and career. This lunar/solar combo is asking us to restore harmony and balance between the two life aspects of environment/family and work/career in order for them both to thrive.  If you are neglecting one side over the other, then this is the time to act (till Saturday 18th) and do something about creating more balance in life.

Most of us would like to spend less time working and more time with our families enjoying ourselves amidst a pleasant environment.  So,  if this is where you find yourself at the beginning of 2014, perhaps one way to improve the balance is to start planning a family vacation together to a wonderful location while the weather is still hot and balmy.

Stunning ocean views from the clifftop at Long Beach

Stunning ocean views from the clifftop at Long Beach

The Australia Day Long Weekend is just around the corner (24th-27th January), and provides the perfect opportunity to restore the work/life balance.  So, if you’re looking for somewhere on the coast to head to over the long weekend, have you ever considered wonderful Long Beach on the far south coast of NSW?  A stay at our ‘Longbeach Clifftop Retreat’ overlooking the beautiful Batemans Bay, will provide a great base to have fun with the family in a tranquil and pristine ‘tree and sea’ environment.  Both our apartments are still available for the Aussie Long Weekend, and so you may like to stay at the Sunset Apartment, which sleeps up to 8 guests and overlooks the ocean, or the Moonrise Studio Apartment, which sleeps up to 4 guests and welcomes your four-legged family member.  Our Clifftop Garden provides both apartments with access to 2 glorious and safe-swimming beaches as well as many dog-friendly coves below the cliff!

Longbeach Clifftop Retreat is perched up high on the northern cliff of Batemans Bay

Longbeach Clifftop Retreat is perched up high on the northern cliff of Batemans Bay


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