Attracting More Abundance in Your Life!

Dear Friends,
We have all heard of, or know about the principles of ‘like attracts like’ and ‘positive thinking’. You have probably heard about the ‘law of attraction’ and possibly even read or watched ‘The Secret’ some years ago. This extremely popular book and movie discussed at length the principle behind the Law of Attraction and it soon became a best seller. Many people around the world became excited about practicing this Law for themselves. Unfortunately, many practitioners soon lost interest when they realised that it was not giving them what they wanted. Manifesting the life you want takes more than just ‘wishing’ it to be so!
law of attraction

Coaching Sessions available at a time to suit you –  Please Phone Jaki 0401 791 380 or Email

It is now widely acknowledged that ‘The Secret’ failed to mention the need to include the other Universal Laws that assist us to attract the things we would like to have in our lives. I have enjoyed studying each of these Universal Laws, learning how they work and why they work. I have reaped many wonderful rewards through using them in my own life.  Each win adds to the mounting evidence that practicing the principles behind these Laws really does work to create a more joyful and abundant life!

Do you understand that Thoughts become Things?  Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings and choosing to give focus only to the ‘good ones’ and not to the ‘negative ones’ helps to attract more ‘good experiences’ to your life. I can show you how to use the 7 Universal Laws in your daily life, so that you stop attracting things you ‘don’t want’ and start receiving the things you do ‘want in life. With regular practice, in a short time you’ll be able to see for yourself that living with feelings of joy and having the life of your dreams can become your natural way of being!

When you feel the time is right, it will be my pleasure to guide and support you in an amazing journey of self-discovery. I have many structures and processes to share that can be used in your daily life to help you deliberately attract the things you really want – both physical and non-physical.

As a way of getting to know one another and providing you with a taste of what to expect from the time we spend together, I would like to offer you ‘Two Complimentary Coaching Sessions’ absolutely FREE. My introductory sessions provide a safe place for you to dream big and hone in on ‘what it is you want in your life’: your goals; aspirations; relationships and yes, the things you would like to have and enjoy. Once, you know what it is that you truly want – I can teach you the seven Universal Laws that will assist you to start manifesting the life of your dreams. My job as your coach, is not to counsel but to guide and support you on your path of getting from ‘where you are now’ to ‘where you want to be’.

These Free Sessions will also give you time to assess my service, and even if you decide that ‘Law of Attraction Coaching’ is not for you, I can guarantee that you will take away one or two tools or processes to practice, which will help raise your vibration so you can start attracting more of what you have been wanting. The time spent will not have been wasted and we will part as friends, I promise!

If you are interested in taking up my offer, we can arrange the sessions at a time that suits you, via a Skype call or perhaps, if you live locally, during a visit to my property at Long Beach, New South Wales, Australia. I also offer “Living the Law of Attraction Weekend Workshops” at my Retreat four times a year, usually in Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The Workshops are all inclusive and provide luxury accommodation, great meals and of course, 2 nights and 2 days of workshops with resources to take home with you. The next Retreat will be held this Summer, so if you’d like to come along, please watch this space for more details and perhaps consider inviting a friend or two to join with us in the fun!law-of-attractionIn Love & Light
I am currently studying to become a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and expect to graduate from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) some time in 2015.


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